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From dividing marital assets to setting up alimony, divorce is already hard enough. But it becomes even more stressful once children are involved. Make sure you have a skilled child custody attorney on your side when the time comes to decide on the future of your children.

Trakas Thornhill, PA can help you argue for the best possible for your situation. Christine Thornhill will explain your options and help you argue for...

  • Legal custody that will give you the right to make legal decisions relating to your child's schooling and healthcare.
  • Physical custody including full-time custody, joint shared custody or visitation rights, depending on your goals.
  • A child support arrangement that can help make sure your child is properly provided for moving forward.

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Get help settling your case out of court

Get help settling your case out of court

When parents talk about child custody today, they are often referring to what is now known in Florida as "timesharing." Timesharing specifically designates which parent will "share time" with the minor child every day or specifically overnight.

Child custody cases can usually be resolved in a matter of weeks. But, if they are heavily disputed, they can last years. Florida's family laws encourage parents to resolve issues involving their children outside of the courtroom. With the assistance of an experienced family law attorney, disputes involving visitation or timesharing and support can often be resolved before you even step foot in a courtroom, saving you time, money and stress.

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