Your Divorce Attorney Should Prioritize Your Needs

Let Christine be your advocate in Lakeland, FL family court

Divorce can feel like an emotional roller coaster. Christine Thornhill of Trakas Thornhill, PA understands what you're going through-she's experienced the process personally. As your divorce attorney, she'll use proven strategies in court that revolve around your family's best interests. She'll also explain what you can expect when you're going through a divorce in Florida.

Christine will give you peace of mind during this trying time. Call 8632959300 today to speak with her about your case in the Lakeland, FL area.

What to expect during your divorce consultation

What to expect during your divorce consultation

When you meet with Christine, she will listen closely as you describe your family situation and what is important to you. Expect her to ask you the following questions:

  • What is the date of your marriage?
  • Are either of you employed?
  • What type of benefits do you or your spouse's employer offer?
  • Do you own or rent your home? How long have you lived there?
  • What assets do you and your spouse have whether it be in your name or in your spouses' name? 
  • What debts have you and your spouse accumulated since you married?
  • Do you have joint or separate bank accounts?

During your consultation, Christine will explain the law and outline how the law applies to your personal divorce situation under Florida law. She will go over what equitable distribution is, how visitation is determined, discuss whether you qualify for alimony, how child support is calculated, and address any other concerns or stress you have about your specific divorce matter.
Christine's goal is to advocate for you and to ensure that your best case is presented to the judge.
In order to make the most out of your initial consultation, bring any paperwork or documents that were served on you, and any other items you think are important for her to review including journals, pictures, calendars, etc. Your first meeting with Christine should take about an hour. The consultation is time dedicated listen to your concerns, explain the law, and how it applies to your specific divorce situation. Schedule an appointment with a divorce attorney in Lakeland, Florida by contacting Trakas Thornhill, PA today.